Sky Planter

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Our award-winning Sky Planter creates a striking, aerial home for your house plants. Just unpack the planter, drag and drop in your favourite plant, hang and water. We provide the hook and wire so all you need is a step stool. Like all of our planters, the built in Slo-Flo terracotta reservoir keeps the soil moist for up to two weeks. 

Most house plants thrive happily upside down but we highly recommend orchids, philodendron, anthurium, pothos, asparagus ferns, monstera, aloe vera, aloe vera, and kentia palm. Definitely try your own and let us know!
Large H 18.7cm x D 15cm, fits 15cm house plants
Medium H 15cm x D 12cm, fits 12cm house plants
Small H 12.9cm x D 9.3cm, fits 9cm house plants
  • Sky Planter
  • Ceiling hook and plastic anchor plug
  • 30cm extension wire
  • Plastic mesh (keeps dirt from falling)
  • Slo-Flo reservoir
  • Made using wasted scraps from the factory floor
  • Requires minimal, recyclable packaging
  • This upcycled plastic can be recycled 
Uniquely Minimalist Design

Award Winning Design

100% Upcycled Earth Friendly

100% Recycled, Earth Friendly

Self - Watering, Low Maintenance

Self- Watering, Low Maintenance

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

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