Sky Planter

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Hang your plants upside-down with our award-winning Sky Planter.   

Why hang plants upside-down? 
- Nature adapts and it's beautiful! Just ask NASA - who wants to assure the future of civilisation by growing at zero gravity.
- Enjoy greater intimacy with your hanging plants and stop staring at their bottoms
- Be uber stylish - trust us. It's better than a gimmick; it's actually award-winning design developed at Central Saint Martin's 
- Give a striking gift. Everyone wants a bit of nature these days and these are awesome if you know nothing about plants. 
- Seriously space saving. What else hangs from your ceiling? Nothing! It's a blank canvas.


Small fits 9cm pre-established plants
Medium fits 12cm pre-established plants
Large fits 15cm pre-established plants

Please note: We do not supply the plants and all of our planters are recommended for established plants - no seedlings please.

  • Sky Planter
  • Ceiling hook and plastic anchor plug
  • 30cm extension wire
  • Plastic mesh (keeps dirt from falling)
  • Slo-Flo reservoir
  • Made from upcycled plastic that is 100% recyclable
  • Disassemble to adhere to recycling guidelines
  • Lightweight with minimal, recyclable packaging
Uniquely Minimalist Design

Award Winning Design

100% Upcycled Earth Friendly

100% Recycled, Earth Friendly

Self - Watering, Low Maintenance

Self- Watering, Low Maintenance

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

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