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Patrick Morris holds a Master’s degree in product design from the Royal College of Art, where he won the Dyson Fellowship, awarded to just three students a year. In 2006 he received a First Class BA (Honours) in Ceramic Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art. His final project was the Antipode Planter, an upside-down flower pot designed to maximise urban gardening space – now known as the iconic Boskke Sky Planter. Patrick’s innovative design won the New Designer’s Ceramic Design Award in Britain and garnered numerous other design accolades.

Patrick grew up on a ceramic factory in New Zealand and has lived in London for almost twenty years. Drawing on his heritage of ceramics and nuanced understanding of design, Patrick’s vision marries tradition and innovation. He loves applying conventional, tried and tested materials like terracotta to future facing, unconventional designs that benefit the consumer through simply adding more greenery to the home.

Patrick has won a number of awards for his work: Red Dot Award (Europe Product Design, 2011) Bio22 Gold Medal (Europe Product Design, 2010) Designers Institute of New Zealand (Best Award Silver Medal, 2007) New Designers Ceramic Industry Forum Award (UK, Ceramic Design, 2006).

It’s in Our Genes

It’s everywhere, really. We grew up surrounded by ceramic pots and plant holders, tiles, water features and more--all made by dad. It’s really what inspired and continues to inspire and motivate us with this passion we pursue with Boskke. You could say it all laid the foundation for our explorations into our unique line of modern urban gardening products.

It’s in Our Genes

It’s All for Nature

You can’t love gardening and not have a heart for nature. After all, New Zealand is well known for its natural beauty. That and the values instilled in us by our parents is why we made all our products rely on conscientious upscaling and reduction in packaging. While there is more that can be done, we like to think we’ve made a good start.

Its our nature
Its our nature

Our Heritage, Our Roots

Boskke really goes all the way back to 1977. Mum and dad bought a property with a clay basin on it in the middle of nowhere, really. They went on to start Morris & James Pottery & Tileworks which is pretty well known in New Zealand. My dad, Anthony, became renowned for his huge, hand-thrown pots and bright, colourful glazes. That Pottery still stands to this day!

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