Boskke Founders

Founded by two brothers from New Zealand

Boskke was started in 2009 by two brothers, Jake and Patrick. Jake manages all aspects of the daily business and Patrick is the designer, who first created the multi-award-winning Sky Planter during his degree at Central Saint Martin's in London. Today, Boskke operates from our small home office back at the homestead in rural New Zealand. 

We love pottery

We grew up surrounded by ceramic. Literally, everything from our indoor tiled floors to the outdoor water features at our family house in rural New Zealand are made by our dad. He and our mum started a renowned ceramics company called Morris & James Pottery & Tileworks, and there are still pots or 'rejects' around every corner. This rich legacy is the foundation from which we tackle contemporary solutions for urban gardening.

Our heritage

In 1977, Our mum and dad bought a run down property in the middle of nowhere with a clay basin on it. Together, they started Morris & James Pottery & Tileworks. It went on to become a household name in New Zealand. Our dad, Anthony Morris, became renowned for his huge, hand thrown pots and bright glazes. The Pottery is next door to our childhood home and still makes and sells gorgeous homewares.

Climate conscience

As New Zealanders, we have a special, unmediated appreciation for nature. Our dad always found ways to weave in broken pottery into the framework of our home. Forty years after he started Morris & James, we at Boskke are finding similar ways to upcycle waste and reduce packaging. We aren't perfect, but we continually strive to have what we call a clear climate conscience.  


Our name comes from the Old English term “bosky”, meaning “little forest”.


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