SWITZERLAND - If you are interested in retailing our range in Switzerland please contact:  

Surs AG - Office
Farbhofstrasse 21
8048 Zürich
Email: nicolas@surs.ch 
Web: www.surs.ch

US, CA, UK, EU and AUSTRALIAN Retailers, please order via FAIRE:

EUROPEAN retailers, we also have our products available to order from the Ankorstore and Orderchamp B2B platforms, if you prefer.

ASIA-PACIFIC retailers, please order on the Peeba B2B platform:

Our UK warehouse partner also offers exceptional rates on both UK domestic and international shipping. We can ship an XL carton (100x50x50cm) globally for about £70.00. Each XL carton can hold up to 25-30 items, which is ideal for a good starting order.

If you have any questions relating to ordering wholesale please reach out to us at info@boskke.com. 

The Boskke Team


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