We are proud to partner with George from For Peat's Sake by offering his eco coir compost - a sustainable alternative to peat to use with your Boskke planters. You never know when you need to plant something on a rainy day. These handy coconut coir blocks come in two sizes and are so convenient for small spaces, as the block of dehydrated coconut coir expands with water to create the optimum soil structure for your plants.

  • peat-free, just 100% coconut husk
  • save our carbon-trapping bogs
  • optimum air to water ratio for healthy roots
  • nothing artificial
Uniquely Minimalist Design

Award Winning Design

100% Upcycled Earth Friendly

100% Recycled, Earth Friendly

Self - Watering, Low Maintenance

Self- Watering, Low Maintenance

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

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