Boskke starter pack bundle

£94.75 £75.80

Save 20% and get set up with The Boskke Starter Pack!

The bundle:
x 2 Medium Sky Planters
-Our award-winning Sky Planter creates a striking, aerial home for your house plants. Just unpack the planter, drag and drop in your favourite plant, hang and water.

    x 2 Large Till Planters
    -Our built-in Slo-Flo irrigation utilises a traditional terracotta disc to keep the soil moist for roughly two weeks of effortless maintenance that will keep your herbs thriving.

    x 1 Triple Till Planter
    -For those who enjoy fresh herbs, we developed our Till Planter to fit even more! Using the same design as our standard Till Planter, you can have even more fresh herbs to enjoy.

    Uniquely Minimalist Design

    Award Winning Design

    100% Upcycled Earth Friendly

    100% Recycled, Earth Friendly

    Self - Watering, Low Maintenance

    Self- Watering, Low Maintenance

    Fast Delivery

    Fast Delivery

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